"Although the call for talks by the prime minister was a positive step it did not carry the spirit of change," said a statement issued by the opposition alliance.
The meeting of the alliance held at the Parliamentary Party Office of the UCPN-Maoist at Singha Durbar said that an environment conducive for talks would not be created until the voting process initiated by the ruling parties for drafting the Constitution was stopped.
Spokesperson of the alliance, Prem Bahadur Singh, said that the meeting stressed on the need for creating an environment to bring together all the companions of the people's movement and peace process as per the spirit of the 12-point understanding, the interim Constitution, and the Comprehensive Peace Accord by halting the voting process.
Koirala had yesterday invited agitating opposition parties for a "meaningful dialogue" to resolve the political stalemate over drafting the Constitution but the UCPN-Maoist dismissed it as "vague".
The opposition is stressing on forging a consensus to settle the key issues of the Constitution whereas the ruling alliance has favoured a voting process to resolve the issue.
Nepal's ruling and opposition parties are sharply divided on key issues in the Constitution-drafting process including federal structure and forms of governance.
Opposition parties are also demanding an ethnic identity-based federal structure in the new Constitution which was initially supposed to be promulgated by January 22.

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