Initiating a discussion in the Lok Sabha on the Supplementary Demands for Grants (General), BJP leader Ananth Kumar dubbed Chidambaram as 'anartha shastri' (expert in creating chaos) and held him responsible for the current economic situation which was "irretrievable".

"If they are not capable of leading...govern or get out. The people's dreams of a robust and prosperous economy have been ruined by the incompetence and corruption of this government," he said.

"The UPA had earlier created jobless growth. Now there is no job, no growth. It is in fact negative growth," he said.

The Finance Minister had recently blamed his predecessor for the problems in the economy.

“Chidambaram owes an explanation to the country for his comments. People have now started calling him 'anartha shastri',” Kumar said.

He also made a strong plea to lower the income tax rate from ten to five percent to give relief to 3.5 crore households who earned less than Rs 5 lakh per annum and have been hit hard by rising prices.


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