Lucknow: Recent cases of rape and murder have given a major jolt to Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh. The Chief Minister who is known for her rigid control and harsh administrative policies is drawing flak from opposition on every front. Calling Mayawati a dictator, BJP on Friday gave hints of demanding imposition of President's rule in Uttar Pradesh.

In the wake of Deputy CMO YS Sachan's mysterious death in Lucknow jail, BJP on Friday whipped Maya government for being ineffective against corruption and unable to restore the law and order in the state.

Flaying BSP for the surging crime in UP, BJP vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi alleged that those involved in criminal activities in Uttar Pradesh appear to have the support of Chief Minister and announced protest demonstrations across the state.

Naqvi informed that a delegation of BJP leaders from Uttar Pradesh will meet the Governor on Saturday to register their protest against the degrading situation of law and order in the state.

"The events unfolding in Uttar Pradesh show how BSP is unashamedly watching the rape of women and the murder of innocents. The people there are living in a state of fear. Mayawati is like a dictator watching these events from her palace. This is a government of history-sheeters. Doctors, teachers, women and others are getting killed," Naqvi said.

When asked if the BJP would demand imposition of President's Rule, Naqvi said the people should 'wait and see'.

On the similar lines, Samajwadi Party General Secretary Mohan Singh also raised the rhetoric by saying that Mayawati government is ignorant of the crimes committed in UP. Even the Governor is not ready to pay any heed to our requests. Hence, to free the people of Uttar Pradesh from fear, the party will meet in Delhi on Saturday to discuss the future strategies.

Rashtriya Lok Dal head Ajit Singh also questioned Mayawati government about the law and order situation. He said, “People are generally safe behind the prisons but now people are getting killed there too. Girls are getting hanged outside police stations, BSP legislators are raping girls and what else is left to be seen”.

Lashing out at Mayawati, Ajit Singh asked Centre to intervene in order to re-establish peace and security in Uttar Pradesh.