Jaipur: Overwhelmed by the warm welcome received on her maiden visit to India, television host Oprah Winfrey expressed her deep desire to visit the colourful nation again and again. Appraised by loud hooting in on her arrival at the crowded front lawn of the Diggi Palace where she later promised the authors and the literature lovers in attendance that she would love to come to the pink city again.

Eager to listen to the television queen were former king of Jodhpur Maharaja Gaj Singh, Tourism minister Beena Kak were present on the occasion. Similarly, former union minister Shashi Tharoor also emerged to be the one of the most coveted guest at the event cheered by a large crowd of enthusiastic listeners.

Youths in large numbers thronged the venue to listen to Thraoor, Meling Yan, Thant Mayunt Yu during the session ‘The superpowers of the twenty first century’.

Also, the festival was attended by former chief minister Vasundhara Raje former election commissioner Naveen Chawla, Vidhu Voinod Chopra, Anupam Kher while union minister Kapil Sibal returned to Delhi after two days.

Chetan Bhagat

After he gave a call to not make banned heroes of banned authors on Saturday, Chetan Bhagat said on Saturday, “No one has a right to take law in his own hands. one must know the reality and not write anything that can heart a particular community”.
Answering to questions, he agreed that the right to freedom of expression must be conserved.

Sanjana Kapoor

Attending the festival for the first time, Sanjana said, “time seems to be falling short of the speakers te be heard and the conversation s to be carried out with many of the literary authors. On being asked that about the survival of theatre in today’s era, she said, “Yes, theatre is alive today but is watched by a limited audience. Lack of infrastructure is the reason for keeping the youth away from theatre as they are attracted to the Bollywood’s glamour but theatre dies down due to lack of it”.

Shobha De

Stressing on the importance of books, Shabha De said, “The anti-corruption of Anna Hazare enlightened the youth to think about their motherland but the movement died down. However, I find Anna to be at fault for the conclusion of the movement.”

She said, “A book is a symbol of cultural legacy. They are like a property. But the present generation is running away from books. Such events draw them towards the world of books and authors come here to expresses themselves and get an opportunity to interact with their readers.”