Detailing what essential oils are, aromatherapist expert said, "Essential oils are oils extracted out of herbs and plants. These are very beneficial and magical portions embedded in the plant life, which are extracted out with the help of distillation and other processes."

When asked whether essential oils are capable of competing with regular beauty products, the expert said, "People use chemical laden products every day, but what I believe is they should use whatever they feel like, but at the same time they should use essential oils to rejuvenate their skin as it is as important as sleeping."

The expert added that a very big chunk of this therapy has evolved from India, but it has not been recognised by the name of aromatherapy and there are not many brands in the country, who serve products that are based out of aromatherapy.

Using essential oils to enhance beauty is a slow and time consuming process, but it doesn't deteriorate the quality of skin like chemical laden products that give instant beauty but are harmful in the long run.

So, next time you buy something for your skin, opt for something natural and try essential oils as they not only increase your skin quality but are healthy as well.


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