"I agree that I wrote to the Lt Governor (last week) asking him not to dissolve the assembly as I wanted to ask people on whether we should form the government," Kejriwal told volunteers at a meeting held in the national capital.
"The next day when I met the Lt Governor, he said that government formation was not possible due to technical reasons and fresh election was the only solution," he said.
According to the AAP leader, after the Lok Sabha results, he had called a meeting of party MLAs. Of the 20 who attended, 16 legislators favoured government formation over election.
"Of the four who opposed government formation also changed their view due to public opinion. I also called a meeting of those who had lost in the assembly and Lok Sabha election and 90 percent favoured government formation. This was when I decided to go to people and seek views on the issue and wrote to the Lt Governor not to dissolve the assembly for a week," Kejriwal said.
He added that under the current circumstances, it was not possible to form the government and early election was the way out.


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