Called All Flash FS1, the new storage system can work faster in mixed workload scenarios like handling online transaction processing (OLTP) and high-speed data backup in an enterprise storage area network (SAN) environment as well as in private or public cloud storage systems.

While OLTP is a class of information systems that facilitate and manage  transaction-oriented applications, SAN is a dedicated network that provides  access to consolidated, block level data storage.

"It delivers input-output prioritisation based on business value and can scale to nearly 1 pentabyte (PB) of raw flash capacity," the company said in a  statement.

"High latency has impacted customers on shared storage platforms for years,  slowing down OLTP response times and preventing mixed workloads from running at  full speed. Customers are looking to flash to address these issues. Our new  storage system will take of these specific problems," said Mike Workman, senior  vice president, flash storage systems, Oracle.

Latency is a time interval between the stimulation and response which in the IT world can be treated as input and output.