"The opinion of Rahul Gandhi holds value in Congress and government and it is well taken both by the party and the government. Let us wait for the government to respond," party spokesperson Sandip Dikshit said.

"There are some voices after hearing which, people feel the need for reconsideration (of an issue)...," he said.

His statement came on the eve of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's return from the US on Tuesday. Dismissing contentions that the Congress vice president's action has rendered the Prime Minister lame-duck and insulted his position, Dikshit insisted, "Rahul Gandhi did not make any comment on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he spoke on the Ordinance."

He also rejected criticism of Rahul's sudden denunciation of the Ordinance and asserted that "it's a judgement well-taken (to oppose the Ordinance).

He recalled that the Union Cabinet had "earlier also amended laws" responding to public outrage on incidents like the Delhi gang-rape.

"Decisions are changed, when many people seek it," Dikshit added.

Rahul has forced the Congress to have a relook at the Ordinance after he called it a "complete nonsense" and something that should be "torn up and thrown away."


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