In a resolution, Bhartiya Gau Kranti Manch placed five demands before the Centre and also appealed that cow should be declared as 'the mother of nation.'
Since cow has been linked with the Hindu society religiously and historically, a separate ministry "Go-mantralay" be set up and cow be declared as "Rashtra Mata" (Mother of nation), the leaders said.
"Cow slaughtering should be banned, and those found guilty of slaughtering a single cow be given death sentence and for this law should be amended", they said.
BGKM organised "Goverdhan Jan-Jagaran Rally" here on Sunday and passed the resolution at the rally.
"Similar rallies would be organised in 29 districts in the country and BGKM demands would be placed before the Modi government in February 2016," BGKM founder Gopal Mani said.
"If BGKM demands were not met, a massive rally cum-dharna would be orgnanised to block roads leading to parliament and PM house," he added.
The resolution also demanded that cow-dung be purchased by the government at a flat rate of Rs five per kg and used for "gobar gas" and other agricultural ingredients.
It also demanded that the Centre and the state government should provide cow milk to boys and girls, and farmers be provided a cow and bull on subsidised rate for breeding purpose.

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