Mumbai: With A-list babes no longer afraid to shake their booty to item songs, the original dancers are feeling the pinch.
If it's not Munni, it is Shelia who is making it her profession to dance all the way to the bank, never mind the girls she's putting out of a job in the bargain.

Item girls, defined as dancers who do the one-off raunchy number in a movie, are now finding their craft being 'craftily' stolen from right under their noses.

And sadly, there's nothing they can do about it. B-Town's crème de la crème actresses taking on item songs are rocking it and how! Here's what the original dancing queens have to say...

Gauhar Khan

Performing on stage is a different high for different actors, and I think that they are doing a great job with the item numbers, be it Katrina or any other actress. Yes, there was a time when only a certain set of girls could play the item girl. For those who may have lost out on work because of this, I guess it's not great news. I think the more the merrier.

Yana Gupta

I think it is not about who the original item girl is or who is an actress. It is about who can do justice to the song. So whoever does the job best, should get to play the item girl. The actresses who are playing Munni or Sheila or any other item girl may be doing a good job, but that does not mean other performers can't. After all, the item girls have made their mark because they have the skill to perform.

Sambhavna Seth

Item girls are a breed. No one can replace them. In fact, a lot of these heroines should thank item girls for this opportunity they are getting to show off their dancing because of an item number. But that does not mean item girls are less in demand. We still get work.


Not everyone can dance and be an item girl. When people would call me specifically for a song, I would feel very proud because I would be adding that oomph element to the film. These days, every actress wants to be an item girl or dance to one. In a way, it's great because it is becoming a mandate in every film, but that does not mean all of them are doing justice to it.