This is the second time in two weeks that the veterans have staged demonstrations outside the minister's official residence. Shifting the venue of the protest from the Jantar Mantar, the veterans said, "since no response has come from the government side therefore the 'sainiks' have decided to continue the agitation in front of FM's residence and rough out in the chilly nights of January on the road. We will continue to stage our agitation at the present site instead of Jantar Mantar till our demands are met".                 
They said that it is very sad to note that neither any member of the present government nor any officials have tried to break the impasse when the 'sainiks' are willing to walk a mile to defuse the situation.        

Group Captain (retd) VK Gandhi said, "we had staged protest outside the minister's residence on January 3. At that time, he had assured us he will speak to Defence Minister (Manohar Parrikar) over our demands. Either of the ministers will have to come and speak to us. We will not move an inch from here until then. If they don't want to give us actual OROP, they should clarify so to us. Why lie?" he said, reiterating that the government notification has flaws and was unacceptable.

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