Islamabad: While the US-led forces were hunting for Osama bin Laden in Pakistan's unruly tribal areas for years, the al-Qaeda chief had been living a secluded life in a million-dollar mansion in the Pakistani garrison city of Abbottabad for five years, according to one of his wives.

The Yemeni woman said Laden had been living in the compound in Abbottabad for the past five years; a channel quoted unnamed senior Pakistani military officials as saying.

Laden usually confined himself to two or three rooms and never went outside, she told the officials.

The report said that women and children found in the compound included three wives of bin Laden. One of the women was injured in the firing.

The military officials also said Laden's daughter, found in the compound, had told them that she had seen her father being killed on the upper floor of a building and then dragged down a flight of stairs.

A woman killed during the raid, previously described in some accounts as bin Laden's wife, was actually the wife of a Pakistani guard of the al-Qaeda leader, the officials were quoted as saying.