New Delhi: Even if the killing of Osama bin Laden by American Navy Seal on the very soil of Pakistan has rattled in the power gallery around the globe, India on Thursday categorically said the dialogue between the two countries will go unhindered, in a bid to insulate the political ambience created after the recent much-hyped cricket diplomacy.

However, India appears to raise its frown and is likely to mount pressure to take a concrete action against terror outfits in round-table meeting with Pakistan, which is beleaguered and facing salvo across the world for being a sanctuary of terrorists in the aftermath of Osama’s death on its soil.

According to sources, “India will emphatically put up its points so that Pakistan should bust all terror activities operating from its soil.”

Osama’s killing by the US Seal at just 60 km away from Pakistani capital Islamabad, sources said, has underlined India’s age-old concerns regarding terror activities being fomented across the border.

Indian camp is of the opinion that the complexity and corrugated past between India and Pakistan can never be compared with the US-Pakistan relations. Being an immediate neighbour, talk with Pakistan is a reality and is billed to be the most effective tool to bring thaw in the relations of the two countries, sources said.

Albeit Pakistan is accountable for its myriad problems, India has to engage the country on the issues like commerce and trade, release of prisoners and Kashmir issues, an official said.

“India will remain stuck to its gun of terrorism and ask the Pakistani establishment to punish the guilty of Mumbai terror attacks”, sources said.

Sources said that the Indian government will be closely monitoring the ISI reaction and power equation in Pakistan in the aftermath of Osama’s death.