Washington: The killing of world's most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan became the third biggest news of the 21st century surpassing Britain's Royal Wedding.

According to a survey conducted by the Austin-based Global Language Monitor said Osama's death news was placed at the third place behind the rise of China to first-tier nation status and the election of Barack Obama as the US President which are placed at first and second spot respectively.

It said the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29 was ranked 5th, just ahead of the media blitz surrounding the 2009 sudden death of Michael Jackson.

The WikiLeaks revelations were ranked fourth whereas, Japan's last month quake-tsunami disasters were at eighth and Arab revolutions at ninth place respectively.

There was no India-centric news among top 20.

The GLM used an algorithm to track citations of the biggest news stories on the top 750,000 world print and electronic media sites, as well as citations on the Internet, blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

"The acceleration of the news cycle has been a long-observed fact, however the acceleration of the news itself can also be viewed as unprecedented," said Paul JJ Payack, president and the Chief Word Analyst of GLM.