June Steenkamp, the mother of model Reeva Steenkamp who was killed by Pistorius, arrived at the courthouse, dressed in black and looking somber. She was quoted in the Pretoria News, publishing an interview she gave to a British newspaper, saying that she wants to see Pistorius.
"I want to look at Oscar, really look him in the eyes, and see for myself the truth about what he did to Reeva," said June Steenkamp, 67.
"Whatever the court decides at the end of his trial, I will be ready to forgive him ... But first I want to force him to look at me, Reeva's mother, and see the pain and anguish he has inflicted on me. I feel I need that."     

Steenkamp will be seated near Pistorius' family, according to local media, so there is a possibility that their eyes will meet.
Pistorius' brother and sister, Carl and Aimee, also arrived at the courthouse, before the trial was scheduled to begin.
A drone carrying cameras flew over the entrance to the courthouse to capture the scene as under grey, drizzly skies, family members, journalists and lawyers arrived at the Pretoria courthouse. Several broadcasters massed live broadcast satellite trucks around the courthouse.
The intense public interest in the Pistorius trial is shown by the launching last night of a 24-hour cable channel devoted to covering the court case.
The start of the trial marks the start of a dramatic new chapter in the life of the double-amputee athlete who ran at the Olympics and became a global star before he shot his girlfriend to death.
Prosecutors charged the 27-year-old Pistorius with murder in Steenkamp's death and say it was with premeditation. They say they will seek a life sentence if Pistorius is convicted, the sternest punishment available in South Africa. South Africa no longer has the death penalty.


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