Greater Noida: The heat of the ongoing rift between the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority(GNIDA) and the Patwari farmers has spread to other villages as well, which could have repercussions on the disposal of abadi (residential) land, back-lease and allocation of six percent developed land.

The Authority has stopped sorting out these issues till they reach an accord with the Patwari villagers. It has decided to take a decision on abadi (residential) land till the court gives verdict on this issue.

If the problem persists then code of conduct may be enforced due to the upcoming Assembly elections in the state, which will force the farmers to wait till a new government is formed.

The Authority had sorted out the problem of abadi (residential) land of nearly eight thousand people of villages like Bisrakh, Eteda, Haitampur, Khairpur, Khodna Khurd, Kheda Chauganpur, Tushyana, Badalpur and Sadopur.

The abadi (residential) land has to be returned to the villagers thorough the back-lease. Many farmers are waiting for the decision of back-lease to be taken in their favour.

According to sources, the problem related to residential areas of six villages is still to be sorted out. The issue of getting 6 percent developed land of the acquired land is also hanging in balance.

Meanwhile, the GNIDA officials are tightlipped. According to them, the entire focus is on resolving the deadlock between the GNIDA and farmers, following which all other matters would be sorted out.