When a relation cemented with love cracks, catharsis of negative emotion bursts out. Cementing who has caught your fancy and imagination. For any person living in this planet, relation breakup is like too bitter pill to be swallowed.

When sad emotion is running high, you need to be very careful with the selection of your words because you cannot hurt the person whom you have adored to the hilt.

Despite bitterness, breakup should strike emotional chord so that there should be some space for patch up in the relation as it is quite difficult to forget all those good memories of life spent together.

Here are breakup lines that have all potential to minimize the negative feeling and could make you rethink over tumultuous phase of your affairs:

You’re too good for me and may be I don't deserve you...

I am not able to breathe,this relationship is getting into my nerves. I need space…

I thought alot and I guess I am still not ready for a relationship…I can't give love another chance..

I’m going through a lot with my family, job, career and I need to focus on me and just me...

I does'nt see that spark in you anymore. I guess I am saturated and i need a break..

I dont know how but I am sorry I have fallen in love with someone else..


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