"We are happy with the verdict. Our daughter has finally got justice. I would like to thank all those who supported us," the girl's mother said at the Saket court complex, with her husband by her side.
A Delhi court has awarded the four convicts death penalty for the brutal assault on the 23 year-old girl on a moving bus on December 16, 2011, a case that had triggered nationwide outrage and massive protests forcing the government to bring stringent anti-rape laws.
The father of the girl also expressed satisfaction over the verdict. "I would like to thank all those who stood by us. I am happy," he said, minutes after the fast track court pronounced the verdict in the case.
The parents of the girl have been demanding death sentence for the convicts.
The court said the offence committed by Mukesh (26), Akshay Thakur (28), Pawan Gupta (19) and Vinay Sharma (20) falls under the rarest of rare category warranting capital punishment.
The parents of the girl were present in the court room when the court pronounced the verdict.
The mother of the girl said though justice has been done to her daughter, the fight was not yet over. "Our fight is not over. We will always stand with the people in their fight against crimes against women."

Victim's village satisfied with verdict

People of the victim's ancestral village here lit candles and distributed sweets after hearing that a court has awarded death penalty to her attackers.
Medawar Kalan village, which came into spot light after the brutal December 16 incident last year, has been struggling to cope with floods in recent days, but its residents were more anxious about the verdict in the case and were sitting glued to the TV sets since the morning.
Sound of drums reverberated through the village as soon as the news of the verdict flashed on TV screens. They also lit candles in the village temple to pay condolence to the brave-heart girl as well as to thank their deity for the justice meted to her.

One of the accused Ram Singh was found hanging in his prison cell in high-security Tihar jail on March 12 while the juvenile involved in the crime was given three years' term by the Juvenile Justice Board 10 days ago.


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