Washington: Embattled US President Barack Obama embarked on a three-day Midwestern bus tour to 'connect with ordinary Americans' slamming the partisan politics of the country and calling on lawmakers to  prioritise economic growth.

At a town hall meeting in Decorah, Iowa, Monday, the first day of his tour, Obama said he will release a detailed plan to boost the economy, create jobs and control the country's deficit when Congress returns to Washington in September.

'There are a whole host of ideas that we could be implementing right now that traditionally have had bipartisan support,' Obama said. But 'The problem we have is not with our country. The problem is that our politics is broken,' he lamented.

'The only thing that is preventing us from passing them is that there are some folks in Congress who think that doing something in cooperation with me, or this White House, that that somehow is bad politics,' he said.

Touching on similar themes at another meeting in Minnesota, Obama blamed economic problems in part on turmoil in the Mideast, debt problems in Europe and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but he said the biggest problem was intransigence in Washington, particularly among Republicans unwilling to accept any tax increases to help solve the nation's budget problems.