Paris (Agencies): A bottle of Vin jaune (yellow wine), dating back to 1774, hit the record price on Saturday after being was auctioned for 57,000 euros (about $77,000) in France.

The bottle of wine, brewed from grapes in Louis XVI's reign, was sold at a local wine festival in Arbois, eastern France, reportedly.

A swiss, Pierre Chevrier won the bid and said that the price was reasonable.

With a taste alike to dry fino Sherry, yellow wine is a special and characteristic type of white wine made from late harvest Savagnin grapes with the effect of special yeast in the Jura wine region in eastern France.

Unlike red wine, yellow wine ages exceptionally well. It is generally suggested not to drink it until 10 years after bottling. It's not rare to keep a bottle of yellow wine for over 50 or 100 years.