Thane: A record 2,411 cases of snake bites have been reported from Thane district of Maharashtra during the first half of 2012-13, according to the health department.
The department report said that during last year the number of cases pertaining to snake bites were 3,188 indicating that this year in the first six months itself the district has crossed 75 per cent of snake bite cases as compared to 2011-12.
There were a total of 4901 cases of snake bites during the period 2010-11, it said.
The number of snake bite cases were maximum in July (703) due to monsoons.
The figures for the other months are April-116, May-165, Jun-384, Aug-598 and Sep-445. A glance at the cases of snake bites reveals that number of cases in July are almost double from that of June and there is a decreasing trend after August.
However, the report did not indicate the number deaths on account of snake bites as it is maintained by a different department.
Recently, the Maharashtra government had decided to give a compensation of Rs 1 lakh to snake bite victims.
Forest Minister Patangrao Kadam had informed the State Legislature in March that kin of farmers who die of snake bite while working in their farms would also be compensated.
West Bengal accounted for the maximum snakebite and rabies deaths in India last year. A total of 1,440 persons died of snakebite and another 223 of rabies during 2011 in the country, out which as many as 380 and 73 deaths were reported on the two counts respectively in West Bengal.
Also, a recent report from Chicago stated that Fatal snake bites have become a major public health concern in India.
What's worse, it is vastly under-reported, according to a study.
The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene said in India 46,000 people are dying every year from snakebites against the official figure of only 2,000.
More than 2.5 lakh cases of snake bites are reported every year. Those who survive the bite on the spot, subsequently die due to delay, unable to reach a hospital within the crucial golden hour or due to lack of treatment, resulting in overdose of anti-venom, it said.


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