London: More than half of all married couples in Britain admit that they regret their decision of getting married, so does the person they chose to tie the knot to, a new research has revealed. In the survey that questioned 4000 British married couples, one in four couples (26 percent) admitted feeling once or twice that they had made the wrong decision in getting married, 19 percent felt this way sometimes, and 6 percent said that they spent most of the time feeling they had made a mistake.

The most popular reason for lamenting marriage was the loss of independence, while over a fifth of those experiencing regret blamed the monotony of married life. One quarter of regretful British husbands and wives admit to thinking that they had married the wrong person, while 11 percent of spouses who regret marriage admitted that they were attracted to someone else.

Ten percent confessed that they are simply no longer physically attracted to their partner. Additionally, many couples who took part in the survey - which was conducted by independent body OnePoll on behalf of married persons dating website stated that they regretted getting married even before the first year was over - a shocking 11 percent regretted getting married on their actual wedding day.

“People’s expectations are changing when it comes to relationships,” a major newspaper quoted the website's spokesman, as saying.

“Whereas 30 years ago people were much happier to ‘grin and bear’ their marriages, and settle for something stable, today we live in an era of choice where people are socially and financially mobilised.

“We’re not accustomed to settling any more, in any area of our life,” she said. She said that people expected the utmost from their marriage but humans were fallible, and the very best wasn’t always possible when it came to relationships.

“Take into account also that the majority of British people are not very religious, and have a heightened interest in constantly upgrading and improving their lives, and it’s easy to see why people regret tying themselves down,” she added.

When people were asked when the regret surfaced, 11 percent said immediately, 8 percent revealed that they felt like this after six months, 23 percent admitted this happened after one year, 23 felt like this after two years, 15 percent revealed after three years, 6 percent said after five years, 14 percent said after ten years.

When they were asked what caused their regret, 36 percent answered that they felt they had lost their independence, 24 percent felt that they had married the wrong person, 21 percent revealed that they disliked the routine/monotony, 19 percent said that he missed being free to flirt, 11 percent admitted that they became attracted to someone else, 10 percent answered that they were no longer attracted to their partner, 7 percent revealed that their marriage had harmed their social life and 14 percent had some other problems.


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