Key highlights

1. Among the 6,500 families that have fled Ramadi, capital of Iraq's largest province Anbar, over 3,300 families have moved towards the Fallujah area and more than 2,300 families travelled towards the Khalidiyah area.

2. Khaldiyah Hospital has reported receiving many casualties, and the local authorities have requested assistance from the international agencies.

3. UN agencies and humanitarian partners have responded by dispatching food rations, family food packages, tents, sanitation and water kits, conducting joint delivery missions and assessing the needs of families who have fled to safety.

4. The city of Ramadi has been engulfed in fierce battle recently.

5. The IS on Sunday took full control of the city.

6. On Monday, Iraqi security forces and allied Shia and Sunni militias were preparing for a major counter-offensive to recapture Ramadi.

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