London: A whopping 72 percent of drivers in Britain admit being under the influence of narcotics while driving, according to a new study.

Around 35 percent admitted to taking cannabis joint. Another 15 percent admitted they had taken cocaine. Drugs like ecstasy account for 22 percent, said the survey by insurer Direct Line.

The insurance firm calculated the estimates from around 1.2 million vehicle users, said a daily.

One in three Britons believes they were in a ‘fit state’ to drive, but five percent admitted to being in an accident.

The firm's Andy Goldby said: "Drug driving is as irresponsible as drink driving. The dangers of drug drivers on our roads are becoming increasingly apparent, with thousands admitting they have been involved in an accident."

The Home Office is now testing a ‘drugalyser’ device to detect narcotic use by drivers.