"We sent about 120 rescued people to Delhi carried by a C-130J (Super Hercules) this morning and another 20 have been sent to Arakonnam, from where they will fly out in different aircraft", a senior IAF official said.

Among those evacuated were 50 stranded students from SRM University. With heavy rains lashing the capital city, especially in the last three days, several areas are inundated, with water reaching up to almost second storey in certain areas.
"We are fully prepared to tackle this situation and carrying out regular sorties. We performed several relief and recce sorties today, as we have to save those who are badly stranded as well as give food items to those who are stuck in their homes", Air Commodore Rippon Gupta said at the Tamabaram Air Base, nearly 30 kms from here.
Aerial recce and relief operations revealed a harrowing tale as airports, bridges, and housing colonies were seen submerged in 8-10 feet water. People raised their hands seeking help from roof tops as IAF aircraft flew past them.    

Several students from a private university, who were left stranded in the city, were also brought to the Tambaram Air Base from where they were flown to Bangalore or Delhi.

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