Colombo (Agencies): The Sri Lankan authorities and the International Cricket Council are not seeing eye to eye over "security arrangements" matter and ICC match referee Chris Broad was almost thrown out of a warm-up match.

Broad was directed out of the field by police and security who had no clue about Tuesday`s warm-up game between Sri Lanka and West Indies.

Several other ICC officials were not allowed access to the R.Premadasa stadium by overzealous security staff who also prevented grounds man from doing their work.

The ICC said restoration at the stadium meant new access arrangements had to be made and it appeared that the security staff had no idea on how to handle the situation.

"We need to ensure that, in future, those arrangements are worked through thoroughly and also communicated to the relevant stakeholders," the ICC said in a statement.

"We will seek to do that in time for the next match at the R.Premadasa Stadium on February 26.”

"Sri Lankan media lashed out at the local authorities for messing up arrangements at the warm-up match. Some security staff also prevented press photographers taking pictures of players.”

"We did not have this type of stringent security even during the wars between government forces and LTTE," a local sports journalist said.