"Those who keep on harping on secularism, should understand that their such steps will somewhere benefit communalism. Owaisi should realise whom is he helping indirectly," party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi told reporters here.
"By fighting elections in Seemanchal, Owaisi wl not expand any of his own boundaries bt Wl certainly xpand those of the BJP!," Singhvi had tweeted yesterday.
"I agree with Nirmala," he said when asked about the reported comments of Union Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman that Owaisi contesting Bihar polls will help the BJP.
Singhvi, however, immediately hastened to add that people will see through it and the BJP will ultimately not be able to capitalise on Owaisi contesting in Bihar when asked whether he sees the BJP really gaining from the division of minority votes in the state.
The Congress spokesperson also disapproved of another reported remark by BJP leader Giriraj Singh that Owaisi was a "devil".
A Hindi news channel quoted the BJP MP as saying, "Owaisi is a devil. His party (BJP) has no relation with any such poisonus person and nor will it have ever."
Singhvi, however, said," we have a number of differences with Owaisi. We do not agree with 90 per cent of his views but we do not endorse the use of such abusive language".
After making a successful debut in last year's Maharashtra Assembly polls, the AIMIM is set to test electoral waters in Bihar, adding another dimension in the high-stake political fight in the key northern State.
The Hyderabad-based outfit yesterday said it will field candidates mainly in Seemanchal region, which has a significant Muslim population, the party's core vote base.

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