Melbourne (Agencies): The Australian government drew flake on Thursday for its double game in the wake of reports that secret US cables passed to WikiLeaks have revealed that Canberra could sell uranium to India within years despite the ruling Labour's policy of not supplying it to non-NPT States.

The revelation has prompted the Greens party to seek reply from the Labour to explain if it secretly supported uranium sale to India.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, US cables passed to WikiLeaks revealed that Resources Minister Martin Ferguson told US officials two years back that a deal to supply India with nuclear fuel could be reached within years, a posturing that contradicts the present stand of prohibiting it against India for not signing Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Greens nuclear spokesman Scott Ludlum stated that it appeared the government was playing a "double game". The Greens demanded a clarification from the government.

Labour Senator Doug Cameron asked Australia not to entertain the idea of trading uranium with India until it met international obligations.

India has been lobbying the Australian Government to overturn its ban on uranium sales. The matter had also cropped up during External Affairs Minister SM Krishna's recent visit here.

Australia is the third largest producer of the yellow cake after Kazakhstan and Canada.