Sydney, Jan 29 (Agencies): Australia has warned against Egypt travel due to difficult situation, urging travelers to think twice before visiting the country.

Australia amended its advisory as thousands of protesters clashed with troops.

Australia was amending its travel advisory for Egypt because of the "difficult security situation" that has resulted in ongoing large scale protests, including tanks in the streets, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said.

"That is because of our concerns about the security situation, not just in Cairo but in other cities," Rudd told reporters.

The travel advisory upgrade lifts the warning for Egypt to the second highest of "reconsider your need to travel", the same warning as is current for Tunisia and Lebanon.

Australia's highest warning is "do not travel".

"We advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Egypt because of ongoing civil unrest and the high threat of terrorist attack," the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade advisory states.

Violent demonstrations have rocked Egypt since Tuesday, resulting in some deaths and many arrests and the situation remained unpredictable, the department said.

Australia also warned that it continued to receive reports that terrorists were planning attacks against a range of targets, including places frequented by foreigners in Egypt.

"Tourist areas throughout Egypt, especially the Red Sea and Sinai resorts, are potential terrorist targets," it said. "Past terrorist attacks have targeted foreign tourists and places of worship."

Rudd said he had been in contact with the Australian ambassador in Cairo and the security situation on the streets was tense.