New Delhi: The Railway Minister has got what he was waiting for a long-long time. The Parliamentary Advisory Committee has demanded a hike in the rail fares in order to improve the condition of Indian Railway. This is for the first time when MPs have supported any hike in rail fares.

Earlier, the Railway unions had written to the Prime Minister to increase the rail fares apart from the recommendations by the Finance Ministry and Planning Commission favouring hike in fares.

The Kakodkar and Pitroda committees coined for security and modernization of Indian Railways have also endorsed raise in rail fares in their reports. Railway minister has also been in favour of raising rail fares but is having apprehensions about its implementation because of political reasons. Now with the support from MPs, it will be comparatively easier for him to present this in the coming rail budget. 
MPs of PAC have collectively voiced that modernization of Indian Railway has become need of the hour and chances on security front cannot be taken. They have welcomed the recommendations of Kakodkar and Pitroda committee. For its implementation railway ministry should not leave any stone unturned in order to arrange funds.

MPs have said that in the last decade manifold increase in cost of fuels, electricity, steel and cement has been accounted. As well there has been significant hike in the salaries of railway employees. Increase in fares has not been in the same proportion as the rise in cost of operation. MPs have reiterated that passengers want hassle free, secured and comfortable journey. For that they will not be having any problem in shelling out extra buck from their pockets. Hence there should not be any delay in increasing rail fares.