Mumbai, (Agencies): A website, is now offering detailed packing tips which will help an individual to pack up adequate stuff for a business trip or a long vacation in a single bag.

Is really useful or not? The answer to this question depends entirely upon how much you choose to obsess over what you pack into your travel bag and what you leave out. The person maintaining the website (single-handedly, we're told) sure has given a lot of thought to packing light.

The website constantly addresses concerns "about whether or not the value of an item justifies the weight and bulk that it adds to your load."


The site even lists saving the ecology as one of the reasons why you should pack light. The logic being that you will need lesser use of vehicles if you have just one bag to carry and lesser fuel for the vehicles that you do travel in. The more plausible reasons listed here include security (less likelihood of things being stolen), economy (you don't have to pay porters to carry bulky luggage) and greater mobility.


The argument for travelling light is pretty convincing and the author does try to make things easier for a first-timer. We especially liked the effort that's gone into creating a One-Page Checklist (last updated on January 22, 2011) that can be printed onto an A4-sized paper for handy referencing. The helpful checklist includes essentials that you need to pack into your bag, whether it is a short business trip or a long backpacking adventure.


The only problem with the website is that beyond a point it starts digressing too much -- especially in the Annotated Packing List section that explains the 'philosophy' behind the checklist. While some tips are very helpful -- such as the importance of a dental floss (apparently you can cut an umbilical cord with it!) -- others are quite exasperating -- why would you want to read over 1,500 words on the ideal flashlight? Even so, this website is definitely worth a visit.