Patna: If you think that chewing tobacco product causes mouth cancer only and it is detected in later stages, think twice.

Chewing tobacco can also cause heart attacks that too without any prior pain or indication. Irony is people do not know or fathom the reasons behind the sudden heart attack. Most of them try to ignore the major issue by terming it as God’s wish.

Heart attack cases on rise

Around 2000 people die daily due to sudden heart attacks and majority of the cases are reported from Bihar. State’s lone super specialty cardiac institute Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology (IGIC) Director and Cardiologist Dr SN Mishra said a steep rise has been noticed in heart attacks and brain ischemia due to narrowing coronary arteries and damage in cardiac muscles.

Due to nerve damage caused by tobacco chewing, extreme pain is not experienced before the attack and people believe it to be a gastric problem. This often leads to death.

Nicotine damaging arteries

According to Dr Sanjeev Kumar at Magadh Hospital in the state, other than high cholesterol and high blood pressure, chewing of tobacco alone is a major reason behind heart attacks. The presence of nicotine in tobacco products blocks the arteries due to which heart attacks or angina pain occurs.

Beware of pain in lower jaw

According to Dentist Jyoti Prakash, gutkha and kheni products get stuck between the teeth and thriving bacteria enters our system via blood carrying vessels narrow.

This increases blood pressure thereby increasing the chances of heart stroke.

If your lower jaw pains, beware as it can also be angina pain.

Around 4 crore consume tobacco in Bihar

According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey’s (GATES) report 2009-10, at least 60 lakh people consume gutkha and four crore chew kheni in Bihar.