Palampur: Expressing grief over the acts of the leaders like former BJP President Bangaru Laxman who has been convicted for taking bribes, BJP Vice-President Shanta Kumar on Saturday vowed not to be garlanded for rest of his life.

“I’m apologetic for not allowing you all (party workers) to garland me. It’s just because some leaders have hurt the national interest so much. It’s unfortunate that I also belong to same political circle,” Kumar lamented.

Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shanta Kumar was more aggrieved over the continuation of the membership of the convicted former party president Bangaru Laxam as yet.

Suggesting the party to introspect in the wake of corruption allegations on its leaders, Kumar said that due to Bangaru’s conviction, BJP has lost an opportunity to attack Congress over recent Bofors revelation which held the then Rajiv Gandhi government responsible for covering up the scam.

“Late former PM Rajiv Gandhi tried to save Ottavio Quattrocchi. We (BJP) were raising this issue in the Parliament, but now as our own party leader has been convicted in a corruption case, we would not be able to rake up the issue properly,” said Kumar

Demanding party workers to raise their voice against presence of corrupt people in the party, Kumar stopped party workers from offering him a warm welcome saying the conviction of Bangaru Laxman has brought a moment of disgrace for the party and it was the time for mourning.