It’s not only the human being who speaks but the colour of your house also says something. Your sense of colours portrays your choice and our taste. Through painting your walls with beautiful colours, you can give your house totally amazing look. Every colour has its own importance. If you have colour sense, you can give your house creative look.

Sakhi will now tell you simple and easy-to-apply tips for making your walls look elegant!

The color theory!

Colour not only creates a style statement of your house but also changes your mood. Colour can become the center of attraction. The world of colours instills positive energy in you and creates an environment of peace and serenity. It’s very important to choose the right colour. Some important points should be kept in mind while choosing colours.

Blue-This colour gives a soothing effect to eyes. Blue is the right colour for a room where sunlight touches the walls. If your room is small, do not make the mistake of choosing dark blue colour. The soothing colour of blue helps to stay stress free.

Green-Light green colour gives the room a bright look. The reason makes it perfect to be painted on the walls of a room which has no windows. It keeps you cool and helps you stay positive.

Yellow-Yellow colour has the power to change your mood. Yellow colour looks beautiful in all type of rooms i.e. with windows or without windows. Yellow colour lights up the room and goes well with all types of flooring.

Red-Red colour represents trust, power and significance. Due to its brightness, this colour is not considered by many people for their bedrooms. But if you have a liking towards this colour, go for it. Red colour makes the room look big.

Choosing the right colours

1. Always choose a colour which suits you personality and mood.

2. While choosing two colours for one room, always go for matching colours. You can choose colours with the help of a colour wheel. (Available at paint stores)

3. Always keep in mind the colour of your home accessories while choosing the colours.

Courtesy: Sakhi

(Based on an intreview with Mrinal Mathur of Dulux Paints)