Islamabad: The Pakistani anti-graft investigator who died in mysterious circumstances while probing allegations against Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf was being pressured by his superiors and had an altercation with the head of his organisation, his father and colleagues have alleged.
The father of Kamran Faisal, an Assistant Director of the National Accountability Bureau who was found hanging from a fan in a government hostel last week, alleged that his son had had a heated exchange with NAB Chairman Fasih Bokhari and four other officers.
While recording his statement at the Secretariat police station in Islamabad, Faisal's father Abdul Hamid told the inquiry officer about the heated exchanges.
Hamid also rejected the report of an autopsy on his son's body and the judicial commission formed by the government to investigate the matter.
Hamid claimed a file pertaining to the investigation against the premier was taken back from Faisal, who had informed the Supreme Court of the pressure he was facing in this case.
He further claimed Faisal was to present official records related to the NAB Chairman's statement in the apex court on January 23. He said Faisal used to work late into the night and his wife had never been to Islamabad.
He said the couple would talk on phone every day and they had no enmity with anyone. Hamid said his son had requested authorities to shift him from his current post because he was under pressure.
Faisal was one of two investigation officers probing allegations that Prime Minister Ashraf and 20 other suspects had accepted bribes to clear "rental power projects" that were set up to meet Pakistan's growing energy needs.
The allegations date back to Ashraf's tenure as Power Minister.
The Supreme Court recently issued orders for the arrest of Ashraf and the other suspects but the NAB Chairman told judges that he did not have enough evidence against the accused.
Meanwhile, an unnamed colleague of Faisal told The News that Faisal had sent him several text messages related to the power projects scam that showed he was under pressure and concerned about his security.
In one text message sent three days before his death, Faisal purportedly said that NAB's Director General of Human Resources Kausar Malik had asked him to give a back-dated request to be taken off the power projects case.
The colleague asked him not to take such a step and told him to lock his room from the inside before sleeping. The News claimed Faisal's colleague was a "key witness" and faced a "grave risk".
The colleague began receiving text messages about pressure being exerted on Faisal on January 15. NAB Chairman Bokhari has assured Faisal's colleagues of an impartial investigation into his death.
Though an interim autopsy report concluded Faisal had committed suicide, his colleagues and relatives have refused to accept the findings. They have alleged he was murdered as his body had several injuries.


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