Mumbai: While the buzz around the run-up to the release of The Dirty Picture is in full swing, our neighbours may not have a chance to catch the film in their theatres.

The Pakistan Censor Board has refused to clear the movie for release in their country. Earlier this year, Delhi Belly too was not cleared for a release there.

It is learnt that after receiving a clearance by the Indian Central Board of Film Certication (CBFC), the Milan Luthria directed film, apparently based on South siren Silk Smitha, was submitted to the Censor Board of Pakistan for censorship.

"However, they rejected the application saying it is not suitable for theatrical release in Pakistan," reveals our source, adding, "They deemed the movie inappropriate for viewership in Pakistan, due to its bold and controversial content."

Our informer points out that this refusal is coming at a time when cinema in Pakistan is not doing too well.

"It's strange that the Pakistan Censor Board is refusing censorship of the film because after its release, the authorities won't do anything to control the piracy of its DVDs," sighed our source.

Expressing disappointment at the decision, our source further laments, "This coincides with the time when the distribution and exhibition sector in Pakistan is getting a boost only due to Bollywood. So it's all the more ironical on part of the board to take such a harsh stance," he reiterates.

Tanuj Garg, CEO of producer Ekta Kapoor's company confirmed the news, saying, "Yes, our overseas distributor informed us that Pakistan Censor Board deemed the movie unsuitable for theatrical exhibition.

Unfortunately, the audience in that country will not have a legitimate means of viewing the film which is sad given the huge buzz there for the film."