Lahore, Jan 28 (Agencies): Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court has asked Attorney General (AG) Anwarul Haq to appear at the court on February 8 in person or depute any Deputy Attorney General to argue a high treason case against former President Pervez Musharraf.

Slamming Deputy Attorney General Tanvir Hashmi for seeking another adjournment of the case, during the hearing on Thursday, Justice Saeed observed: "Numerous adjournments have been obtained by the Deputy Attorney General in this case which is regrettable.

"In the larger interest of justice, case is adjourned for February 8 with the clear understanding that at the next hearing, the Attorney General of Pakistan shall appear himself or depute any Deputy Attorney General with full instructions to argue the case."

The court is hearing two petitions seeking the registration of a case of high treason against former President Musharraf and issuance of red corner notices by Interpol for his exile from Britain, where the former military ruler has been living in self-exile since early 2009.

The petitioners—a lawyer named Rana Ilmuddin Ghazi and Tehrik-e-Pakistan secretary general Aziz Ahmad Awan—alleged that Musharraf had dissolved an elected parliament just to save his own neck.

They claimed Musharraf had flouted the Constitution when he prohibited judges of superior courts from performing their duties and detained Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his family.

They said that when the legal fraternity started a campaign for the restoration of the judges deposed during the 2007 emergency imposed by Musharraf, they were severely manhandled and false criminal cases were registered against them.

The petitioners requested the court to direct the federal government to institute a case of high treason against Musharraf under Article 6 of the Constitution and to order expulsion of the former dictator.