"If there are issues (for India), we have concerns equally. Let us address each other's concerns and the logical and rational way forward... the civilized way for this is to have a dialogue. Pakistan is ready for this," Bashir, who is on a three-day visit to Hyderabad, told a press conference.
He also stressed on the need to reinforce the ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) between the two countries and denied as "baseless" reports of terrorist "incursions" into
Indian Territory from Pakistan.
"There is a will and determination on both sides to build friendship and improve relations. This was evident in the recent meeting of the Prime Ministers of the two countries in New York. The one logical way to resolve all issues is through dialogue. That is essential for development of the two nations," he added.
Bashir said the strategic priority for Pakistan was its economic and social development. "Without that everything remains just words. We have no second thoughts. In Pakistan's national interest, we need to have good relations with India. Aspirations in the two nations are the same. Ground realities should be looked at in an objective way," the Pakistan envoy said.
Reacting to a query on infiltration from Pakistan into India, Bashir said, "The narrative you are hearing about incursions and infiltrations is baseless. But, rather than commenting on this very negative narrative about incursions, what we have been saying, and repeat, is let the competent authorities, the military authorities, deal with this issue."


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