Amritsar: Hindu girls in India enjoy much more freedom than their Pakistani counterpart. The system prevalent in the neighbouring nation has imposed undesired virtual barriers for the female race, forcing them to give up their choice and remain confined to the social conditions postulated for them.
These are the notions of the Pakistan girls who are a part of a group of 245 Pakistani Hindus visiting India to perform last rites of their respective loved ones in the Holy Ganges.

Pakistani native Romika said, “Even if the girls in our country have started going to educational institutions, we are still not allowed to go for jobs. We have witnessed vast difference between us and the Hindu girls in India. They are free to wear what they want, do what they wish. But same things don’t apply in our case.”

Echoing similar views, Kanchan and Neelam, members of the Pakistani Hindu group said, “The traditional and social barrier in Pakistan does not give us freedom. Seeing Indian girls driving scooty, wearing jeans-tops makes us feel that we still live in stringent social confinement in our country.”

Meanwhile, another member of the group highlighted the difficulties faced by her while applying for performing last rites in India, said, “The Hindu families in Pakistan have strong belief in the cultural importance of performing last rites in the Holy River Ganges. But getting visas to visit India is indeed a tedious job.”

Sudama Chand, head of the Pakistani Hindus group which is leaving India on April 11, said, “We are deeply disheartened when the materialistic barriers (procuring visas) freezes our feet from performing our age-old traditions in India. Both the governments must think effectively in this direction and ease the legal norms in issuing visas.”