New Delhi: In a stunning disclosure, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which has been defamed for printing counterfeit Indian currency for long, is reported to have printed fake US currency.

India is likely to put up the issue before international community soon with all evidences in this connection. A senior official of the Ministry of Home Affairs said, one Manzoor Ansari, a Meerut resident, was arrested with two fake American currency of 100 denominations along with counterfeit Indian currency last month.

According to forensic report, both the currencies are fake and they have been printed from the same printing press.
During the inquiry, Ansari told security agencies that he has been associated with the profession of printing counterfeit Indian currency for a long and sample of fake dollar has been sent to him for the first time by an ISI official Safi who looks after this business in Pakistan.

Notably, a forensic test last year had made it clear that the machine used for printing counterfeit Indian currency is the same which produces Pakistan’s real currency.

India had raised its concern about Pakistan’s indulgence in fake currencies at international level, but no action was taken. With the proofs of Pakistan’s hand in printing fake US currency, Indian authorities want to expose Pakistan’s malafide intention on international arena.

According to sources, Pakistan is the only country in the world which uses government printing press to produce fake foreign currencies in order to provide funds to terrorists