Lahore: Lawyers in cities across Pakistan observed a strike on Monday to protest the cross-border NATO air strikes in the northwestern tribal belt that killed 24 soldiers, including two officers.

In response to an appeal from the central and provincial bar councils, lawyers in cities like Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar and smaller towns did not appear in court.

They organised rallies, meetings and processions to condemn the attack by NATO forces.

"We will not bear it any long and we will continue our protests for the permanent closure of Pakistani routes for NATO supplies," said Lahore Bar Association president Shahzad Hassan Sheikh.

Lawyers passed a resolution a resolution during a meeting on Monday demanding the permanent closure of NATO supply routes, sending back of the US Ambassador and an end to all cooperation with the US in the name of the war on terror, Sheikh said.

He said lawyers would organise rallies across the country on December 1 to express solidarity with the Pakistani security forces.

Several other groups also organised protests in Lahore against the NATO air strikes.