Islamabad: Did Kasab die of Dengue? Pakistan’s radical Urdu press feels likewise. Demanding an explanation from the Government of India whether the dreaded Pakistani gunman and 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab was indeed executed or he died of Dengue.

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Daily Ummat in Karachi has claimed that Kasab died of dengue a day earlier. The daily has also questioned why the Government of India did not wait for his recovery. “The Government of India needs to explain whether Kasab was hanged or died of dengue a day earlier.’

Roznama Express has reported that there were reports that Kasab was buried at sea like that of Osama bin Laden. The daily also claimed that the Government of India declared that a burial on the jail premises would be dangerous therefore he was buried at sea.

The column published in Roznama Duniya in Lahore starts with a reference to the Bollywood film ‘A Wednesday’, based on a terror plot, and describes Kasab’s execution as the second edition of the reel story shown in Wednesday.

“The way Ajmal, who was seen playing a Holi of blood at Victoria Terminal (CST) in Mumbai by television viewers across the world, ran around and opened fire on commuters, he didn’t look less than a Bollywood character,” read the column.


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