Three days after Pakistan Information Minister who declared in a Cabinet meeting that it has been decided “unanimously” to grant Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India, Pakistan, with much delay on the issue, refuted stating that India has not been granted this status so far. Because Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani himself made this point, so now there is no confusion over it. However, the vacillating attitude of Pakistan on this issue has been ridiculed across the world. It is quite surprising, when India raised question over Pakistan’s unambiguous stand regarding the MFN issue, the neighbouring country vividly stated that there is no confusion over it. Consequently, India alongwith China and America appreciated Pakistan’s stand on giving MFN status to India. But now there is no sense of lauding Pakistan nor India’s pious expectation of getting MFN from Pakistan sooner or later. The proposition of Gilani that step would be taken forward regarding the MFN issue only after conducive atmosphere otherwise the move would be withheld, is a clear indication that either the Pak establishment did not take this decision unanimously on giving MFN status to India or they gave in to the Army and extremist outfits. As the Pakistan Information Minister could not declare MFN status to India on its own, so it would not be hyperbolic to say that a right step in right direction of Pakistan has been stunted, whatever the reason may be.

Gillani has raised Kashmir issue while mentioning about boosting bilateral trade, which drives home the point that he wants to pacify the extremist groups who have only a single agenda to destabilise India. It is disappointing that Pakistan should bravely take on such destructive forces instead of kneeling down before them. There is no surprising that Pak Army must be behind all these gung-ho, because the Army and extremist outfits are alike in running anti-India campaign. The Pak government needs to take decisive stand whether it has to consider India MFN. If it doesn’t do so, India will not be loser; rather Pakistan may get benefitted of having MFN status of India. If Pakistan is swayed by the Army and fundamentalists, it would remain in quagmire of myriad of problems. With the MFN fiasco, it is unlike that there would be hardly any budge in the bilateral relation during the SAARC meeting which is slated in next week.