Islamabad, Jan 18 (Agencies): A 17-year-old Pakistani girl was abducted, gang-raped and paraded naked around the streets of her village in Punjab province for spurning the advances of a landlord, according to a media report on Tuesday.

Local residents said the girl was alone in her home when five men – Ijaz Ahmed, Bilal, Shehbaz, Muazzam and Tahir – broke into her house and raped her.

Her brother told police that Ahmed had been stalking his sister for several months and she had spurned his advances.

"He began to threaten her and me," the brother told The Express Tribune newspaper.

The parents of the girl died a few years ago and she and her brother live with their grandfather and an old uncle.

"I had refused him (Ahmed) several times. He threatened to kill my brother and me," the victim told police.

On Saturday night, the five men broke into her home at Vehari in Punjab and raped her while her brother was at work.

"They beat up my grandfather and uncle and they could barely walk," she said.

Local residents said the men later dragged the girl out of her home and paraded her in the streets of the village.

"The men kept making loud claims about her being their 'property' and no one said a word because they were armed," said a resident.

The girl's brother has registered an FIR in Machiwaal police station.

Police initially refused to file the FIR but did so later, he said.

"I know they will not follow it up because Ijaz Ahmed is the son of feudal lord Khalil Ahmed," he added.

The brother said the feudal lord's family has been pressuring his family and had threatened to kill them if they went to the police.

Though an FIR was lodged, the victim said police had not filed a rape or gang-rape charge.

A doctor at the Vehari district hospital confirmed she had issued a medical certificate testifying that the girl was gang-raped.

"The hospital has already treated three members of the family as the girl's grandfather and uncle were brought in with severe injuries after they tried to rescue her," the doctor said.

Station House Officer Rafiq Joiya said police were searching for the alleged rapists.

The victim and her brother have asked for the Punjab Chief Minister to take up their case.