Islamabad (Agencies):  A young Pakistani woman, who was flogged by the Taliban two years ago in the former militant stronghold of Swat, has said she wasn't the only one who was punished in such a manner and hoped that "God destroys" the rebels.

Saira Bibi, now 22, was dragged out of her house in January 2009 by Taliban fighters and flogged for allegedly having illicit relations with her husband’s friend.

A mobile phone video of the flogging was widely circulated, causing outrage and shock in Pakistan and around the world.

The Taliban came to Saira's house soon after her family had organised lunch for her husband's newly married friend.

"After the lunch guests left, we heard noises at our door. They (Taliban) were shouting for us to quickly come out of the house. My mother-in-law asked them who they were. They said they were the Taliban," Saira told Newsweek magazine.

"They said there were some allegations against me, and they wanted to question me. I told my mother-in-law I had no reason to face them. They kept shouting, threatening to drag me out themselves. My brother-in-law took me to them. He said we have no choice, that I should trust Allah," she said.

Saira was taken to a Shariah or Islamic court, which had been set up by the militants at a government-run primary school. At the time, she believed she would be sentenced to death.

Three men with long beards and armed with weapons comprised the court. "One of the Taliban there accused me of having an illicit relationship with the friend of my husband whom we had had the lunch for. He said I would have to face punishment; that I will have to be flogged because that is what Islam says. I denied the allegation, but they didn't listen to me."

Saira was told to bend and was flogged 15 times. But her humiliation did not end as she was asked to walk to a nearby ground for the final decision.

"As I walked there, I was thinking they are going to slit my throat and kill me like they have others. There was a mob gathered there. I was told to lie face down on the ground. Two men held my hands down, another had his hand on my neck, a third one held my feet. I kept shouting I am innocent," she said.

"I kept crying to Allah to help me. They lashed me another 15 times. After the second round of flogging, I wasn't able to walk and my brother-in-law had to assist me back home."

Saira, who feels safer now, said she wasn't the only girl to be flogged.

"There were a lot of others. One of them left when the military operation started and she isn't coming back," she said. Saira hoped that "God destroys" the militants.

The Taliban had set up a parallel administration in most parts of Swat and Shariah courts run by the militants sentenced scores of men and women to death.

Bodies of people executed by the Taliban would often be strung up in the main square of Mingora, the headquarters of Swat district.

After the rebels sought to extend their influence from Swat to districts located 100 km from Islamabad, the government sent in thousands of troops to flush out the Taliban.

Thousands of militants were killed in the army operation though the top militant commanders of Swat continue to be at large.