"We are now faced with a definite two-front scenario: external as well as internal," Butt said.

"While we have always prepared for the traditional and ominous external threat, the new predicament did take us a while to get up to speed with," he said, referring to PAF's "adversarial role" with India and its recent involvement in anti-terror operations.

"Airpower can achieve much more in a short span of time if employed with clear understanding of its capabilities. Its inherent flexibility has enabled nation states to successfully deter their conventional adversaries as well as prosecute irregular outfits," Butt said.

“While participating in anti-terror campaigns, the PAF learnt on the job quickly and (was) efficiently supporting our ground troops in all their operations against militants," he said.

Butt said the PAF is set to attain the capability of carrying out aerial refueling of its frontline JF-17 Thunder jets by the end of this summer.


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