One of the main rivers of the country, Chenab, is still in high flood and has already caused widespread destruction in the agricultural backbone of Punjab.

The army was called after the civilian authorities said the floods were out of control. The army is using helicopters and boats to save lives and provide food to the people.

A military statement said that since September 5, "Army troops have rescued 22,000 stranded people in the flood waters from various areas of Punjab and (Pakistan-occupied) Kashmir to safer places by army helicopters and boats".

According to the National Disaster Management Authority over one million people were affected in Punjab.

At least another million are being evacuated from low lying areas near the river banks to get villagers to safety with the help of helicopters and boats.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said the floods were the "deadliest in the history of Pakistan".

So far 257 people have been killed due to rains and floods in the country.

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