The army launched 20 airstrikes on Wednesday on several Taliban hideouts in Tirah valley area of Khyber tribal region which is adjacent to Peshawar and killed 57 militants, an army spokesman said.

The strikes were launched after reports informed that militants involved in the Peshawar army school attack in which 148 people, including 132 school children were killed, were trained in the Bara area of Khyber. The military said that the ongoing operation Khyber-1 in the district is being reviewed.

Pakistan had on Wednesday pledged to announce a "national plan" to tackle terrorism within a week with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif saying "this entire region" should be cleaned of terrorism.

Taliban spokesman claimed that its 6 suicide bombers attacked the army school, saying it was a revenge for the military's operation against militants in the tribal areain  North Waziristan close to Peshawar.

The security forces have killed hundreds of militants in the region but they are still far from being defeated. The militants hide in the mountainous porous border and frequently cross towards Afghanistan to avoid attacks.

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