Taliban gunmen stormed naval base in Pakistan with blazing explosion, killing at least 10 people. The attack rocked one of the heavily guarded military establishments which spells the message that the security threat is not from outside rather from inside. It is a stark reality that Pakistan does not muster courage to face its internal security threat. However, the Interior Minister of Pakistan has categorically said that Pakistani Taliban is a great enemy of the country, but he must learn that this outlaw group is directly linked with al-Qaeda and it is the outfit where kingpin Osama bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan cantonment area for the last five years. If the world believes that Pakistani Army facilitated Osama to hide in its military area, the Army should not be blamed for it. Pakistan which was yet to convince the world that its Army and intelligence agencies did not have any information of Osama, had to face the terror attack on its naval base.  The way militants unleashed terror destroying two fighter planes, which were supplied by America, indicates that the terrorists had access to Pakistan Army. Such apprehensions also arose when perpetrators carried out suicidal attack at the Army headquarters in Rawalpindi in October 2009.

Needless to say the Pakistan Army has sympathy for terrorists. There are scores of examples for this and as far as Pakistan intelligence agency ISI is concerned, it is axiomatic that a particular unit of the agency is engrossed in fostering terror groups. The revelation of one terrorist in Chicago court describing the involvement of ISI in Mumbai attack is not startling for anyone because it was clear since beginning. After killing of Osama, the terror groups have become active and the way they are targeting Pakistan Army and its establishmens shows that the elements in Pakistan had once fostered have become destructive force for the country. However, Pakistani Army has termed Taliban as enemy of the country, but there is a misgiving that Pakistan government will wake up to the reality and cut umbilical cord with those terror groups which have posed security threat to India and Afghanistan. Going by the gesture of Pakistan, it is unlikely that it will abandon its old and retrogressive policy. Observing the stand of Pakistan government and Army as well as, India and other countries should be more alert as terrorists seem to take more audacious and subversive steps in Pakistan, even targeting its nuclear establishments.