Islamabad: Pakistan on Thursday rejected US criticism over jailing a doctor who helped the CIA to hunt down Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, saying Washington should respect decisions of the country's courts.

A court in Pakistan's Khyber tribal region on Wednesday handed down a 33-year jail term to Shakil Afridi, who ran a fake vaccination campaign to get DNA sample of the children of al Qaeda chief in Abbottabad.

The US reacted angrily to the Pakistani court's verdict and said Pakistan has no basis to hold or charge the surgeon.

During a press briefing, Foreign Office spokesman Moazzam Ahmad Khan said the case of Afridi would be decided in accordance with Pakistani laws and by the Pakistan Courts.

"We need to respect each other’s legal process," the spokesman said.

The spokesman said there is a mutual desire on both sides to normalise relations as soon as possible, adding Islamabad hopes that both will come up with a mutually acceptable solution of all the issues.

"Negotiations with the United States are continuing on all issues and decision would be made in accordance with the recommendations by the Parliament," he said.

Replying to a question, he said "we did not go in Chicago Conference with any expectations".

"We were there because of Afghanistan and because we were invited for the conference". He said Pakistan has an important role to play for stability and peace in Afghanistan.

To a question regarding drone attacks, the Foreign Office spokesman said Pakistan strongly condemns the attacks and find them totally in violation of the country's territorial integrity.

"These are in contravention of international law, illegal, counter-productive and totally unacceptable".

When asked as to why Pakistan does not move the UN or any other world forum, he said, "We are trying to resolve this issue bilaterally, however, all options are open for Pakistan".


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